Group Benefits


We work with you from the setting up of a new plan to transfer or replacement of existing benefits to ensure a smooth start up or transition:

  • Help with development of a plan customized to your company’s needs, cost constraints and level of administrative training needed
  • Help with implementation and positioning of information to employees of new plan or changes to existing plan
  • Report providing an analysis of claims vs. premiums and insurance company price vs. negotiated broker price so clients can see tangible results of working with us
  • Report showing the client the results of market surveys conducted when insurance carrier renewal pricing is not acceptable saving clients money
  • Help controlling benefit cost that are escalating out of control

Customized Solutions

  • Plans designed to fit your budget and provide a competitive plan within the industry
  • Plan designs that take into account your industry, the stage of your company, cost sharing between employer and employee and value of the plan brought to your employees

Implementation and Changes

  • Implementation of new plans should not be a daunting task. Training of administrators and communication with employees should be provided
  • We help communicate plan changes by providing written documents which owners or administrators can use or customize to their own style to clearly outline the changes

Meeting and Reporting

  • We report on a timely basis so you can make decisions without feeling pressured
  • We meet with our clients in person and provide a report explaining usage of benefits by employees benchmarked to prior years
  • The report gives you an accounting of insurance company costs vs. our negotiated cost based on our own analysis
  • Our reports identify disturbing trends and outline alternative cost constraint recommendations to fix the problems
  • Your report will contain the results of market surveys so that you know you’re getting the best value for your money

Cost Control

  • In the end you need to control your benefits cost just like any other business expense so we work with you to determine what your budget is for group benefits first
  • Cost control can be affected through plan design, negotiation of renewal pricing and surveying the market. We will not shy away from using all these tools for the best outcome for our clients.

i. Russel Financial Services is an outside business activity that may offer non-securities related insurance products and services. Any specific investment recommendations and financial planning provided by Jan Russel must be done through Assante Capital Management Ltd. Although Assante is not responsible for any service or product supplied through Russel Financial Services. Assante will monitor for conflicts of interest and complaints related to this company. Assante Capital Managaement Ltd. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and is registered with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

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